The WLtoys V222 Quad Can Take A Beating

My flatmate has had the WLtoys V222 2.4G 6-Axis Quadcopter for a while now, and as relative newcomer to the world of Quads, (and not exactly the best pilot) I wanted to introduce it as very good choice for beginners. It’s ideal to learn the ropes on or have as a quad your confident to let others use if you’re not so confident of their flying. Although my flying skills have come on a lot, I’m still so impressed it has survived the beating it has had over the past few months – not just from me though I want to say, (anyone who comes to our house ends up having a go) – and also because it’s often flown in a very confined space.

WLToys V222 6-axel Quadcopter from Banggood

It has different options for speed settings (40, 60, 80 or 100% power), useful for the novice, and it’s reasonably easy to get to grips with controlling.

One of the really great things about this quad is that it’s remarkably robust and durable. We’ve flown it around inside our house, and taken it out and it’s suffered some harsh crashes, without any damage. It’s been rammed straight into various objects around our apartment and come crashing down to the ground outside from reasonable height – and it’s still fully intact and working exactly as it should.

It’s not just a good quad for letting loose on a beginner to smash around though, it does come with a half decent camera which although isn’t of the greatest resolution, shoots at 60 frames a second and actually produces some relatively smooth results for those looking to play around an enjoy the ‘quad’s eye view’ of their backyard/living room/wherever.

Underside of the Wltoys V222 2.4G 6-Axis RC Quadcopter With Camera LED Light

Our friends at RC101 did a neat little review for us when this first came out, which goes over the product and what it’s capable of once you’re used to the controls.

What’s more, as the ‘Taoist flyer’ mentions in the video, you can swap the camera for other optional accessories: get the range and you can switch between a missile launcher, water canon, bubble blower or even a hook and basket. It really is a quad for anyone: the beginner, the clumsy flyer, or even the RC enthusiast wanting a fun, reliable addition to their collection.

It comes with spare blades, micro SD and USB/micro SD adapter to upload your footage to your computer, but I would recommend adding a spare battery to your basket when you order so you can enjoy a longer flying session and have more time playing around – whether you’re taking it turns at flying with your mates, or getting camera footage together for a video. Each charged battery will give you about 8 mins flight time, and full charging takes about an hour.

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