How good is the wltoys 104001?

New Wltoys 1:10 Scale RC Car 104001

The Wltoys 104001 is a remote-controlled car that is built to last and reach speeds of up to 45kph. It’s a 4-wheel-drive car and comes from company, Wltoys, who have been creating remote-controlled trucks for over 15 years. 


Reparability and customization options make the Wltoys 104001 a remote controlled truck that can grow with you as your skills improve.


  1. Customizable parts
  2. Waterproof electronics
  3. Reaches up to 45Kmph
  4. Lightweight controls


  1. Not suitable for young children


1. This jumping car can complete some difficult movements. Many children and adults like his cool appearance. It is not only a toy, but also a tool for enhancing relationships with children.

2. It is a simulation car with decoration details and realistic structure. The exquisite interior is capable of making the car look more realistic.

3. This RC car can do some stunts such as drifting, leading the operator to experience a different kind of fun.


1. Full simulation structure design: Full real RC car control feeling, realizing high-speed driving, instant acceleration, deceleration and braking. Independent front and rear suspension for smooth cornering and stable body posture.

2. Powerful motor: Using high-rate lithium-ion battery, strong magnetic motor, the speed can reach 45 km/h.

3. All-terrain rubber tires design: Equipped with high-quality stunt tires, it can drive steadily even on muddy roads, ensuring that it can complete various difficult actions.

4. Durable material: The car is made of high-quality materials and has a strong shock-proof function. It is not easy to break even when driving on rugged roads, ensuring that it has excellent climbing and off-road capabilities.

5. More stable: The whole vehicle bearing and alloy gear differential structure make the model car run more smoothly and stably.


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