Wltoys 12428 Rc car review

This is my review of the Wltoys 12428 rc car, which I received from Gearbest for about $65. I have already made a review here on Rcgroups regarding the 12423, which is the short course truck version of this car. In my opinion, they offer similar performance, but I would pick this one over the other, for a couple of reasons which I will elaborate on in this review as well. First of all, here is the product link:

Here is a video I made on this car:

Wltoys 12428 Rc Car Overview & Driving (6 min 17 sec)

Okay, to start off, the cheapest shipping option took about ten days to reach my house. The box was a little beat up around the edges, but nothing to drastic. Also, there was some plastic wrap and foam protection around it, to ensure nothing was damaged inside the box. There are a few parts included in the box. Here they are:

-A mini Phillips screwdriver
-A cross wrench for the wheels
-The instructions manual
-The rechargeable battery
-The charger
-A power adaptor for my country
-The radio control
-The car itself

To start off, the screwdriver was just another one of those mini toss in the box type deals. It is useful, because a lot of the screws on the car are Phillips head. The cross wrench is also necessary, since there is a spare functioning wheel on the back of the car which is mounted with a wheel hub. The wrench is plastic, and so, over a lot of usage, it will wear out.

I also thought it was very thoughtful to include a plug adapter, in my case North American, without a hassle or charge. This is vital so that you can use the charger in your country of destination correctly.

Now, the manual included with the package blew me away. After a few years of purchasing knock off rc from China, I am used to receiving generic and mostly useless users manuals. However, this is not the case here. The manual that comes with the Wltoys 12428 Rc car is jammed full of blown-up parts diagrams, with everything labelled neatly and organized properly. There is also a full listing at spare parts and their corresponding numbers, should you run into any sort of trouble.

The charger is very simple to operate and is typical of Wltoys. You simply put the Eu plug into your adapter, depending on what country you live in, then plug it into the wall outlet. There is a balance port on one end that you will plug your balance lead from the battery into. Also, there is a small Led on the head of the charger that remains red while the battery is charging and then turns green to let you know that the battery is full. This takes about 2 hours to occur from a fully discharged battery.

The battery is a lithium ion pack. It offers similar performance to a lipos, although it uses older technology. It is definitely a big step forward from the nimh packs that we are used to seeing in rtr packages. It is a 2 cell, 7.4 volt pack, with a capacity of 1500 mAh. This gives run times of about 15 to 20 minutes depending on your throttle input. It comes presoldered with a 2s balance cord, as well as a deans connector, or t style plug for connection to the car.

The radio is also a standard Wltoys line controller, which utilizes 2.4 GHz to get about 120 meters of control range. The radio also requires 4 AA batteries which are not included in the package. Obviously the throttle and steering are proportional, and the wheel has a nice rubber grip around it. There is a throttle dual rates option, as well as a steering trim, on the remote.

Lastly, we are on to the car itself. It is about 40 cm in length, and is classified as a 1/12 scale rc. The tires come with thick foam inserts, and they hook up quite well on pavement as well as grass. Most of the steering connections are plastic, although there a number of metal pieces pre installed. For example, the stub axles, out drive cups, and dog ones are all metal, to increase durability. The shocks have metal caps and other aluminum pieces as well. Speaking of the shocks, they can be oil filled but they do not come already loaded. The front uses cantilever powered revo-style laid down suspension, while the back uses long travel rock crawler shocks.

While the front does have independent suspension, the rear uses a solid axle setup, for superior performance going over rough terrain and doing some minor crawling. There is a really nice integrated roll cage design on the car, which gives it a great look. Also, you do not have to fiddle with body pins, since the battery is accessible from the rear. There is a completely functional spare wheel mounted on the back, which gives the car an authentic look as well. On the bottom, there is an aluminum skid plate, as well as an on/off switch.

Mounted on the front are six bright headlights. They are a very nice touch, and they take the cars look way up. Also, the plastic bead locks on the wheels add to the looks. In terms of the looks, I think this car is absolutely beautiful. There is even an interior visible from the outside, with a full drivers head and all.

The servo is defined as a 25 grams pull power piece, and it performs pretty decently. It has a good mix of torque and speed. The esc is 2 in 1 piece, with the receiver integrated into it. It can handle up to 2 cell lithium polymer packs, and it has a built in low voltage cutoff to protect your batteries. The motor is brushed and 540 sized. It gives the car a top speed of mid to high 40’s in terms of kph, with a peak of 50 kph. This is pretty fast for a 1/12 scale rc, and it is more then enough speed for me. The handling is okay, since it does tip over when you turn sharply at high speeds. The tires may be a tad to grippy.

Overall, I really recommend this car, and I think it is the best value for money you can find on the web. Anyways, here is where I got it from:

Here is my video regarding the Wltoys 12428:

Wltoys 12428 Rc Car Overview & Driving (6 min 17 sec)

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